Harry Clark, Cinematographer

As a freelance cinematographer, my goal is to work with other creative professionals in filmmaking, to collaborate on different types of projects, and to explore varied styles and approaches to the craft of cinematography. The focus of my work as a cinematographer has been in television commercials, with a particular concentration in documentary style and product photography. I also have extensive experience in corporate and industrial projects. I have worked as a cinematographer on two feature films, and camera operator on several feature films, episodic TV series, and documentaries. During my career, I maintained an interest in electronic cinematography, which was very limited in capability until the early 2000s. When the move to digital acquisition began in earnest, I embraced the trend, and have since tried to honor the legacy of analog image-making in the digital process. I have experience with all film systems, including anamorphic and large format (65mm, SDS-70, and IMAX) cameras and processes. I have also had experience in various camera platforms, including aerial, underwater, and moving vehicle rigs. I have extensive knowledge in all major digital camera systems, as well as digital workflows, and learn new cameras and processes as they are introduced.

I own several camera packages, including Arriflex Amira, Red 8K Helium, and Canon C300 Mark 2 systems.

Several of my commercial and corporate projects have won Telly and Addy awards.


harryjclark@me.com    (203) 981-0921    vimeo.com/harryclark